Benefits of a Gift Time Shop

*FUN! The Gift Time Shop gives students the freedom to shop for their family during school hours, giving them a great sense of independence and pride and saving families time and money


Because we have the best prices, you can earn the most money for your school! No other holiday shop company offers a 50% mark up because their prices are too high. You can utilise our 50% mark up suggestions or run the shop as a service to your students and pass fabulous low prices on to them! Either way the students benefit


We offer a large selection of inexpensive, personalized gifts for the family at kid-friendly prices. We strive to provide quality, inexpensive gifts for your school gift shop or store that you’ll be proud to sell. Most gifts are under $3!

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What is a Gift Time Shop?

The Gift Time Shops is designed to make your holiday shop for schools successful, fun and easy. As a no-risk program, there is no upfront payment, and you only pay for what you sell. It runs similar to a book fair. We ship, free to you, a full shop of child-friendly, low priced, quality, holiday gifts along with all the supplies needed to run the shop. Re-orders can be placed every day throughout the duration of your school gift store and are delivered the next day. At the end of the shop, you return the unsold gifts and you only pay for what is not returned to us.

Free Services

The following services are free with a $1,000 minimum sale:

  • Deliveries
  • Posters
  • Table Cloths
  • Gift Bags
  • Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Budget envelopes & Gift lists
  • Pick up of leftover merchandise
  • Cash register available on request

Ready to sign up

  • Call 800-658-9160 for a coordinator’s package to advertise sale dates and help recruit volunteers.
  • Choose sale dates, usually a week, and store location.

Set Up

  • Gift Time Shops will print gift lists for your students with your specific shop items and prices.
  • Students can view gifts on line.
  • On your requested date, we will send a complete store package.
  • Envelopes and gift lists are given to students to plan their shopping budget.
  • Volunteers set up the store.

It’s Gift Time- GO Shopping!

Students shop in classroom groups assisted by volunteers. If you run out of an item, reorder from us and you will receive free delivery of your reorder by the next morning.

Return unsold gifts with free labels provided.