1. We guarantee to give you $.50 for each child that shops up to $500 worth. This gives your students the ability to shop for free, but this offer expires October 15, 2011.

2. Free rental of a preprogrammed cash register to make your job easier.

3. A 5% discount on all merchandise sold is offered at the end of your sale. There is no limit on this offer.

4. Your choice of sale dates: You can start before Thanksgiving if you want or any week you desire. We still have a number of open dates. We typically fill up close to the end of October.

Notice: We post our prices online so that you can compare markups. Our merchandise is priced so that if you mark it up by 50% over cost, it will still be in line with store prices. Many companies only allow a 10% mark up and the prices of the individual items are more costly to you.